The Darlaston Dog Fight – TICKETS ON SALE

Tickets for our next production ‘The Darlaston Dog Fight’ are now  on sale.  We will run three consecutive shows only, Friday 23rd March 7.30pm, and Saturday 24th March at 1.30pm and 7.30pm.

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‘Tell us about them mad and bloody old days.’

The Darlaston Dog Fight presents the story of Rough Moey. Collier, innkeeper, hell-raiser and dog-fighter, and the last man to sell his wife in Wednesbury market. From the mines to the bloody dog-pit and bull-stake, Moey’s life is lawless, brutal and violent.

Blending narrative, dance, physical action, and song, Regional Voice Theatre’s new play is an explosive and uncompromising account of violence and vitality in the human spirit, a celebration of the raw passions that have shaped our past, and continue to shape our present.


Beth – Tina-Louise Barnes

Ham – Reaya Sealey

Moey – Chris Kibbler

Directior – Glen Buglass

Movement Directior – Helen Calcutt

With thanks…

We would like to thank The Arena Theatre, Arts Council England, Artsfest, Creative Black Country, and the actors from the Arena Collaborative Theatremakers for their creative and professional support.