One of the most socially pertinent themes of The Darlaston Dog Fight, is that of harassment, abuse, and domestic violence. Though perhaps more socially accepted as ‘the way of things’ in 1800’s, today any form of abuse, psychological, physical or otherwise is broadly  condemned. Though still a major issue, and something many women and men suffer daily.

Regional Voice have approached all scenes that contain moments of aggression or violence as respectfully and honestly as possible from the outset, while at the same paying careful attention to how these moments are detrimental to the direction of story, and to the pathways and decisions the characters make.  Everything in this play is about intention – what one person intends to do to another, and more importantly, why they do. This a question the play asks again and again; and a discussion that we hope you’ll get involved with.

There are a number of scenes we found difficult to shape and direct. We’re sure you may feel the same unease whilst watching them. But this isn’t about glorifying or celebrating this hardened and imbalanced part of society. It’s about getting you to think. Ask questions, and further the  discussion on the human condition. Does violence live in us all?  Should we accept that it does? Can it be avoided? Can we change?

The Darlaston Dog Fight was written by David Calcutt, Directed by Glen Buglass, and Choreographed by Helen Calcutt. It stars professional regional actors Tina-Louise Barnes as Beth, Reaya Sealey as Ham, and Chris Kibbler as Moey.

The production will showcase three exclusive performances: Friday 23rd March 7.30pm, and Saturday 24th March at 1pm and 7.30pm. 


Queries: regionalvoicetheatre@gmail.com







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  1. Dawn Winter says:

    Saw the show tonight. It was brilliant. Would you consider a performance in Wednesbury? Bring Moey home?

    1. Hey Dawn! Yes we would. We’re looking at a tour now, so please send us details of venue and we’ll be in touch to meet and discuss. We would also greatly appreciate a write up on Facebook too. Thank you for coming to see the show! https://www.facebook.com/RegionalVoice/

      1. Dawn Winter says:

        Hi again. I manage the libraries in Sandwell and I also live in Wednesbury. Would love to see this at Wednesbury library. I’m sure there would be a good response. It’s a Grade II Edwardian building with great acoustics.

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