Our method

Physical work is central to what we do as a company. Our productions are stylised and fluid, creating a challenging space within which our actors work quickly, and to their absolute limits.

We see the body as a way in to exploring all kinds of methods for powerful and interactive storytelling.  Understanding our physicality as performers, frees us of inhibition. If we’re aware of the range of our physicality, we’re aware of the dramatic space available  to us, and how best to work within it.  When working  ‘in the body’, we think ‘outside the box’: testing our vocal range, our presence, our characterisation, and connection with each other as ensemble performers. 

Part of this work, is creating ‘synergy‘. Our voices are a physical aspect of our beings and bodies.  But this isn’t to say that physicality overrides use of voice.  Our ‘movement first’ methods strive for absolute synergy, allowing company and workshop members to develop both their physical and vocal interpretations of a set piece to a level where either component can exist powerfully on its own.  The magic happens, we believe, when these interpretations are then combined, and their combined effects are greater than the sum of their separate effects. Everything, becomes a single unit of dynamic intention, making for dynamic, thought-provoking performance. How do we get there? With a great deal  of play – exploring both physical and vocal improvisation.

Below is footage of an actor’s workshop, with the ‘Synergy’ method in action….