Community out-reach

As a collective, we have extensive experience running a wide range of workshops in community theatre settings, universities, schools, and colleges, for both established professionals and new artists. Whether working with professional actors or emerging talent, our approach is deeply rooted in the power of physical storytelling,  both with the voice and the body. Combined, and brought to their full potential, we consider these qualities exhilarating modes of expression, and absolutely integral to excellence in theatre.

Community out-reach, ‘The Darlaston Dog Fight’

Funding has been secured from Arts Council England to deliver six community-out reach workshops designed to engage with potential non-theatre audiences across the U.K. These workshops will run alongside the shaping of our next production ‘The Darlaston Dog Fight’ drawing on the themes and issues explored in the play to shape the workshops, and spark creative participation. Our workshops will be open to everyone and anyone who wish to learn more about theatre, and the techniques when shaping a professional production. Participants will explore Brechtian modes of theatre and performance in areas narration, song,  dance, and physical theatre.

Planning and preparation for these workshops currently underway. Please check back for full details over the next few months.